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Stringband class: Tuesday, May 3,  7pm to 9pm

We’ll be teaching tunes! Fiddles, mandolins, guitars, banjos, upright basses and ukuleles are welcome! Tunes will come from the Appalachian Mountains and the Midwest. Bring a capo and a recording device! Come play with us in a relaxed, positive and inclusive environment.

Harmony singing class: Tuesday, May 10,  7pm to 9pm

If harmony singing is a bit of a mystery for you, let Nadine and Sammy help paint a clear picture and give you some concrete tools. We will break down the discipline of singing two and three part harmony and will provide terminology, experience in hearing and feeling harmony intervals and guidelines. This class is geared for men and women of all different voice ranges and is perfect for all levels of experience including no previous experience in singing.
Come sing your little heart out! No need to sign up, just show up! Hope to see you there! And please feel free to pass along to anyone who might be interested!

All sessions are $20.
All sessions are held at Hamilton & Son Guitar Works, 3165 3rd Avenue, Whitehorse.
For further information email [email protected]

We will also be available for private lessons from May 3-17. Email Sammy at [email protected] for fiddle, banjo, mandolin, advanced guitar or Nadine at [email protected] for singing, rhythm guitar or upright bass! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Sammy Lind and Nadine Landry

Nadine Landry

Raised in a musical family on the east coast of Quebec, Nadine Landry made the Yukon her home some 15 years ago and first started to tour with the Canadian bluegrass band Hungry Hill.  She is now a member of The Foghorn Stringband, the Cajun Country Revival and the Dirk Powell band. She has performed and taught workshops in over a dozen countries and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon!

Sammy Lind

Born in Minnesota, Stephen “Sammy” Lind has established himself as one of the most critically acclaimed old time fiddle players in the country. Co-founder of the Oregon based Foghorn Stringband, Stephen has traveled the world playing and teaching a vast repertoire of tunes from Appalachia and the Midwest.  His playing reflects tremendous respect and passion for all the fiddle players and old recordings he spent countless hours learning from.

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